Friday, 12 June 2009

The Day After The Night Before

1 bus fare = £2.00
1 burger = £6.00
1 night with good company and great conversation = priceless

Thank you for the support yesterday- I had SUCH a good time last night! Alice was so sweet and it was great to meet another blogger. We talked about all kinds of stuff- including Windows Live Writer and the "blogspot V wordpress" debate, as well as lots of pictures. I am pretty sure that the people around us though we were complete dorks very interesting people. Haha!

We met as planned at the restaurant and sat down- once Alice told me that she was disappointed they didn't offer her favourite item, we wandered off to Wannaburger. It was so much fun- it was like a New York diner and we sat in a booth drinking soda, chatting and waiting for our food.

I started with a PICKLE! I've never seen these on a menu in the UK and *had* to order one.

(anyone want to throw in a "that's what she said" worthy comment here?)

Next up: BURGER!

Grilled chicken, tomato relish, salad and pineapple on a bun. I LOVE grilled chicken- not because it's "safe", just because it's delicious when cooked properly and this place grilled it to perfection. So good. Messy, but fabulous (and pretty too, right?!)

I was worried we wouldn't have anything to talk about, but the complete opposite happened- I to have a tendency to babble occasionally (no s***, Sherlock!) so I hope I didn't intimidate Alice with my ramblings...hehe.

When the check came, I got my chocolate fix after all.

Peanut M & M's which we shared before heading off into the rain and walking home. We actually live really near each other so hopefully will meet again soon!

I woke up this morning in SUCH a good mood. Glorious sunshine streaming through my windows (at 5am- it gets light SO early here and stays light until after 11pm! Love it!)

Breakfast was heavenly...

Oats cooked in water, swirled with frozen blueberries, fromage frais and topped with a chunk of crumbled coconut bar.

I went to the only store in Edinburgh that stocks pumpkin and the guy there asked me why I come so often JUST for pumpkin. I mentioned some of the things I make and he has asked me to write them down to be included in their new cookbook! How cool?! The book is in the process of being compiled and all the recipes are based around canned/jarred products they sell.

Lunch included this amazing wrap.

Red pepper hummus, paprika, alfalfa + radish sprouts, tomato, mushrooms and spinach. Mmmmmm...

Random story- when I was in the store yesterday buying some things (hummus, mushrooms, spinach, soy milk) a guy came up to me and started asking if I actually ate this kind of stuff. I said "yes" and he started rifling through my basket! Then he started asking me if I voted (um, no... I can't vote in this country) before calling me a "damn hippy" and wandering off. Some strange people out there!

Well, I do believe that this is the closest I have ever come to doing a 'proper' food post (ie, without too much of my inane ramblings!)

Question: when was the last time you ate at a restaurant and what did you get?

Have a great weekend!


Gina said...

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed your restaurant experience, and ate what you wanted :) The food looks amazing and I love that they give you M&Ms with the bill! The last time I ate at a restaurant was last weekend...about three times (way more than usual). I had sushi one night, a turkey wrap the other night, and a greek salad with chicken the next! All delicious.

Cacti Don't Cry said...

I'm glad to hear that you had a good time!! :)

I'd be a bit freaked out that someone who works in a supermarket NOTICED how often I came in / what I bought... I'm always paranoid that they do, and you've confirmed it! AHH!

As for that random guy... some people. Really.

If getting lunch when I'm at work counts, I ate out on Wednesday, and very thrilling, got a salad. :p

<3 <3

Anne said...

I'm so glad you had a good time and were able to relax and enjoy yourself. And I love that they gave you m&m's, how cute!

That lunch wrap looks incredible! Yum. The last time I ate at a restaurant was the last day of my (the night of my 10K race), and I got a delicious carribean quesadilla! Mmmm.

K from ksgoodeats said...

Here's a TWSS for you - your pickle looks thick and delicious ;)

I'm so glad you had a great time! Us bloggers are interesting aren't we? By the way - WORDPRESS!! :D

I love how creamy that wrap looks - yum!

Matt said...

I want that chicken sandwich :)

I get my quotes from random websites. I usually just pick on that strikes my mood that day. There are so many good ones out there!

Danielle said...

What a fun time! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Olga said...

I'm so glad you had a good time :) And pickles are rare in the UK? You MUST come to my house, no meal is complete without something pickled here!

Last time I ate at a restaurant I went out to eat with my mom and had grilled salmon and amazing bread pudding dessert with cinnamon gelato.

dietlexy said...

I love pickles! glad ur evening went well! and wasnt too expensive! x

Pammy said...

Im glad you had a good time! I love pickles haha!

janetha said...

daaang that thing is huge! i wonder how you got your mouth around it? haha.. TWSS ;)

glad you had fun! that chicken sand looks divine. i often prefer chicken over beef, especially when eating out! eating burgers at restaurants always makes me feel sluggish because they are often so fatty and greasy. blechk.

ok so i hadn't checked out vimrod, but i will now for sure! i looove webcomics! have you looked at cyanide & happiness? that is a daily for me. so funny. i love how you can usually relate to every single web comic you see!

anyway, that recipe in the cookbook news is stellar! look, youre famous! haha.. that is sweet!

and what was up with homeboy checkin your basket? i'da been like.. um no dude, i am just buying this stuff so i can feed it to the pigeons. ..what did he think? sounds like a creeper for sure.

ok this is long, have a great friday lovely!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun (: That grilled chicken/pineapple bun looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow your wrap & burger look soooo good!!
I ate out the other night and while my family got pizza, I got a wrap with hummus & lots of veggies!! I love eating out.

Anonymous said...

Your eats look AMAZING and I want all of them!!
Lol I always go into the same food shop and buy only pumpkin too...must think Im strange :P
So glad you had a good time out and that burger...need I say more!
Last time ~I was in a restaurant I had a side salad, a couple of chips and a tub of baked beans. This was when my stomach had shrunk to nothing though and was finding it really hard to eat. Next time it'll be sushi though!
Have a great night hun xxx

says the russian said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! That sandwich looks delicious--love pineapple with just about everything!

The last place I ate at was Japanese, so I had sashimi and grilled kabocha. Mmm.

Jenny said...

yay what a fun bloggie meet up .. and that sandwich is beautiful. I love grilled chicken as well - i am just not a red meat kinda girl!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you had a good time. That chicken sadwich looked fabulous. I love properly grilled chicken too! I really want a grill pan so I can do it over my own stove.

Take Care,

nicoleishappy said...

hahaha people are soo funny. When people make comments like that it makes me wonder what is going on in their lives to try to be mean to a stranger. and hey veggies make u hippie? haha i must be the bbiggest hippie ever, i crave only veggies most the time and hummus! haha.

And thats a great restaurant choice!! yesterday i went down to miami and went to a restaurant and instead of getting a safe meal i got a tuna burger that was the size of my hand! it was glorious!

have a great day girl!!

nicoleishappy said...

o and no i got the brownies from my secret blogger. and i think i will put the granola recipe up soon i have to look at the meaurments again!

Anonymous said...

I love your ramblings.
That chicken sandwich looks great!
The last time I ate out (other than Sheena and my dates to Panera) was when I was in Florida and I got grilled talapia with mango salsa, asparagus and some steamed veggies...and I had a slice of bread before dinner.
Hope all is well.
That's awesome that you got M&Ms at the end!

Anonymous said...

Haha, check out my latest post on my restaurant dish today! It was super GOOOOOODD!
And I'm SO happy to hear you had a wonderful time, not letting ED get in the way, and enjoy that delicious burger! Is the tomato relish like ketchup or what?
Once I was in a supermarket, and this Indian guy started talking abt spreading the gospel to Indians and Pakistanis and stuff. He was nice, but he talked on and on and on and on....

Healthy Beach Bum said...

ahhh that wrap looks DIVINE.
I promise the cream soda will be returning! :) I get random cravings lol. Tonight it was a big diet pepsi... yum yum!

Lovin all of your eats girly. You are quite the chef!! <3

Joy said...

You actually have to order and pay separately for pickles there? Wow...that sucks. In the US, pickles pretty much come with any sandwich or burger; and to be honest, most people leave them! :)

My last restaurant experience was a few weeks ago--Sushi, and I had cucumber rolls (my favorite).

Glad that you had a nice time; I'm sure your friend did too!

Telstaar said...

Pft to lack of ramblings! Interesting, I rarely actually read the food part, I always read the first bit of stuff you write :).

I'm glad you had a good night, I'm glad cause hopefully it'll be easier to repeat and cause its nice to make new friends and cause you took a risk and it paid off, yay!!

Last restaurant: I honestly don't remember, although it somewhat depends on one's definition also. I will buy food as take away and bring it home, I find restaurants noisy and cause my body pain so I generally prefer to eat at home, but the last restaurant food I took home was Nando's (fast food) or Aroy-D Thai (Thai green curry) as true restaurant food. :)


Anonymous said...

wohooo girlie, sounds like you had a darn good time and you darn well deserved it! I bet you just loved being able to relax and enjoy in the conversation and revel in the wonderful time you had. Oh and we are still on the food twinsies page because a) i would have ordered a pickle and a chicken burger, b) i had a hummus and sprouts wrap today, and c) i had classic oats this morning!
p.s. SO cool about the pumpkin're a star! haha

Anonymous said...

hi hun,
that dude at the groccery store sounded nuts...

im so glad you had a great night out :) I LOVE grilled chicken when its done properly :) nothing beats it!! that burger looks amazing!

have a great weekend girlie,

Anonymous said...

hahaha i love the store story! and so cool that you might be in a cookbook with your pumpkin. canned pumpkin is the most amazing and versatile food ever -- i'm glad you're doing your part to promote it :-)

dinner with alice sounds great too! my last restaurant dinner was a blogger dinner as well -- indian food last night!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great dinner out!
Haha your little cartoon guy made me giggle :)
And you do get some strange people here in the UK (in answer to your question, I'm from England... kinda mid-west arean) but that guy in the supermarket sounds like he has some serious issues!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend xoxo

Anonymous said...

It's great to beable to talk to someone about blogging who knows what you're on about. My friends don't blog (although they read mine) The meet up sounds like fun.

I get questions like the man in the supermarket from people at work. If I have hummus or anything healthy they say "What are you on a diet for?" automatically assuming I must be dieting if I'm eating healthy foods. I say "just because I'm eating healthy doesn't mean I'm on a diet" annoying!!

Tina said...

'Realised I didn't have my mail on my blog *dum dum*... But anyway:

Uhm.. so when you want to publish it says your server flips out...

I've no idea what it means with the server thing, but when I looked at the "help" button on the toolbar above and typed in "publishing" it had some info on what the problems could possibly be if you cannot publish your blog, one of them was that your pics were not correctly uploaded... but I don't know what it could be :S