Sunday, 7 June 2009

What's In A Piece Of Pie?

Sunday afternoon already?..

Hee hee... I love these cartoons.

I feel like I've posted a lot this week whilst avoiding talking much about what's been happening in my everyday life. You didn't miss much. I've been thinking a lot about what constitutes a 'balanced lifestyle'. When I did my life coaching certification course a few years ago, there was an entire module on what a balanced lifestyle is- my coursework was filled with pretty pie-charts that would compose a well-rounded life. I think that no two pie charts would ever be the same- some people need more of one aspect in their life and someone else has slightly different priorities.

The key 'pieces' of the pie were:
  • productivity (work, school, etc)
  • personal/health
  • social
  • leisure
  • relationships
Simple in theory, harder in practice. (Don't worry- not going to get all 'life coach-y on you guys...okay, maybe just for this post :P )


Productivity: I am working part-time right now, as well as various ongoing projects (ie, the article I wrote and follow-up)
Personal/Health: a work in progress- I am definitely making this a more significant part of my 'pie' right now and focusing on gaining both emotional and physical health because I think that without that as a solid foundation, none of the others can really grow.
Leisure: again, a work in progress. Blogging is fun for me, writing is fun and I LOVE taking my camera out around the city and taking random pictures. I am hoping that as the rest of my 'pie' balances out more evenly, I'll discover new things I enjoy doing and a new appreciation for leisure time.
Social/Relationships: I've clumped these together because right now, they are virtually non-existent and by far, the smallest piece in my pie. (I find it kind of amusing the I am talking about what my eating disorder has taken away from me by using a 'pie' as an example!)

I am definitely a sociable person. I LOVE spending time with people, hanging out with friends. Nothing makes me happier than just relaxing in Starbucks with a friend, laughing at random things, reminiscing about bizarre/funny memories we have. Since I came back to Scotland last year, I have been really isolated. Not intentionally, but it's not easy to meet people when you aren't in school and don't work (my job is pretty new). I think that the loneliness aspect of my day-to-day life is the biggest obstacle for me right now and definitely the next thing I really want to focus on changing. I talk a lot about missing New York- what I miss the most is my friends and who I am when I am around that. I live HERE now and I need to make more of an effort to bring the aspects of NY life into the life I currently have.
"Life Only Happens When You Show Up For It"

2 questions for today!

How have you guys met people when you've moved to a new area?
Any piece of your 'pie' that you would want to change?

Breakfast was nothing special but fabulous nonetheless. Bran flakes, Fage cherry twin pot and sliced banana. A.K.A. cheesecake!

Snack was the last remnants of my muesli (hence the dust!) mixed with Fage. Still undecided about ordering more muesli so going to check out what the health store sells tomorrow.

For lunch I wanted to see if I could have a meal without using any condiments (my pictures don't show it, but everything I eat has ketchup added after the photoshoot!). I made a sandwich with a chopped quorn fillet, laughing cow cheese and some chopped yellow pepper. Side dishes were also condiment free.

The verdict? DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME. Condiments should be a part of the food pyramid. Lesson learned.

What are your favourite condiments? Top of my list would be ketchup, closely followed by honey mustard and tzaztzki (not really a 'condiment' but I use it as one).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and if you like granola, CLICK HERE!


K from ksgoodeats said...

Haha love the cartoon! I didn't realize you were a certified life coach - how cool!!

Meeting new people is tricky! Luckily I'm still in school so I meet people that way.

Favorite condiment: Does PB2 count?! Just kidding (I just saw your comment so I had to say that!)! I do love ketchup and mustard :)

Anonymous said...

I think in recovery it's really important to make/keep friendships...if not I think we just retreat into our eating disorder even more because we've really got nothing to distract us.

Olga said...

You should come back to NY, then you can meet me and then we can hang out :)

I rely on humor a lot when meeting new people to break the ice. When people think I'm as funny as I think I am, we get along! hahah

dietlexy said...

Is soya sauce a condiment! I love that! mmm!
Im moved to England this year and I made friends bc I moved into a house with 6 girls and then Im in college too!
If your not at school or working you could join a gym or do a weekly class where you could meet people locally or like running/walking clubs?! or a writing course? gud luck! x

Pammy said...

i love the cartoons. my favorite condiment is definitely mustard. i dont know why but i could eat it on anything... yummm

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog on Emma's, what a delicious breakfast! I just tried the Fage/cherry container yesterday. Wowowow, amazing!
Debbie is right, keeping friends is really important in recovery. Gotta have those distractions so the the ED doesn't try to be our "friend".
Love the cartoon, btw. Have a lovely Sunday!
<3 Karina

Devan Geselle said...

LOVE the condiment cartoon.
My fav condiments..? Def. Ketchup, HOT SAUCE, annnd salsaa<3

Anonymous said...

I LOVE condiments. Haha. Fave is definitely BBQ sauce but I also love kethcup! Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

Ahh noway, another scot! Im up in the highlands :P
Here's my msn if you want to addme from that
When I moved to glasgow I went into student accomodation so it was really easy for me to meet people there. You should go out to gay clubs and bars, they are the best for meeting random people haha. I used to go out with my gay friends and met a few new friends!
Definitly health, but im working on that, and relationships/social, since being sedentary stops me seeing my friends. It all links back to the health in the end so thats the thing we have to work on the most I guess. Great granola link :D xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey :) thanks for the comment on my blog!

I love the "pie" anaology of the balance in our lives. I can relate to how difficult it is to improve on the social part, especially after spending a long time in isolation, but just remember how rewarding it will be in the end! Life is so much better when you have lots of people you love to share it with :)

Fave condiment has to be ketchup as well. Ooh and I love soy sauce with rice or veggies.

Anonymous said...

Adorable cartoon!! I love the idea of the "pie chart" to explain your balanced lifestyle.

I can totally relate to the isolation you mentioned. I live in a small town, and even though I am fully recovered from my ED, my peers never really accepted me into their lives again. Even on my mom's side of the family, they treat me very different. It's very difficult for me to handle since, like you, I am a very social and outgoing person. Luckily, my two older brothers never judged me because of my ED, and I love talking to them even though they both live 3 hours away from me. My suggestion would be to look at your life and see who you can truly connect with, who treats you with respect, who's never changed their opinion of you throughout your strugges, and who you know loves and supports you as a person. Start with whoever that may be and try to open up to them. Call them just to chat, make plans to meet up for lunch, or whatever! Start small and you'll be back in the game in no time! :)


Nutritious is Delicious said...

Hey! Actually, the cereal I had is a bit different! You would probably like it! Check it out:

I love Honey Mustard!

Gina said...

Oh man, condiments are a must. My favorite is mustard, and I can't imagine life without it!

Anonymous said...

I usually meet new people through work or through my current friends.
My fave condiment has to be tomato ketchup. I use it on practically everything (not something Mrs Bucket would use :))

Healthy Beach Bum said...

yay another Dr. Brown diet cream soda lover! That is too neat chica :) it is so tasty!

I love your quote: Life Only Happens When You Show Up For It. That is such a wake up call for me to get my booty out of the house more often!

Meeting new ppl is harddd..sometimes even just going to the local health food store you can meet ppl! Just say something like, "that kind of cereal is amazing! You should try it" or something like that lol (i hope that doesn't sound too cheesy).

I promise it can spark conversation though! Also a part time job can also help you meet new people <3

Anonymous said...

I wish I had some advice for meeting people. I'm in college, and I still have trouble with it! This past year, I tried to force things too much. Rather than look for friends with common loves/interets, I looked for friends I thought I "should" click with. I'm workin' on it for next year.

Okay, I must try a Fage twin pot. They look SO good. I need to get over the fact it's not 0% - who cares, right?! It's a treat, and I'm gonna freakin' get me some.

And I love those cartoons, so keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

my favorite condiment... SALSA baby! i could put that on almost anything and be a happy girl :)

Anonymous said...

volunteering=great way to meet new people. church is another great way.

Anonymous said...

I really wish I had more of a social life, too. But ED stole that away from in, while I'm at home still recovering, all my friends are away on internships, jobs, travel, etc. so I'm still alone...but my main source of social life is now my church, though unfortunately there's isn't much ppl my age there.
Do you go to church? you could join a youth group there...or join any activity you can find around your area!
fav condiment: I used to be obsessed with ketchup, but now I find it was just my ED. So..I'd have to say...any kind with yogurt! ooh! or chutney!

Cacti Don't Cry said...

LOVE the pie idea (and to be honest, yeah, I thought you meant "pie" pie too ;p)... I am definitely going to do this, it might help me figure out these stupid elusive goals of mine!

Don't look at me in the "meeting new people" category, since I unequivocally suck at it. Most definitely not a people person, I guess.

Does salt count as a condiment? ;p I guess I'd have to say mustard, though to be honest, I'm not much of a condiment person. Love the cartoon, though!!

<3 <3

Anonymous said...

I definitely think we should make some sort of really awesome business together with your life coaching skills and my soon to be finance/business degree.

Favorite Condiments: Mustard, relish can be tasty... oh and hot and spicy salsa!

Anonymous said...

okay seriously we are food twinsies and totally have major ESP. I for sure was thinking alot about balanced lifestyles today...too weird! I loved your pie idea and think that the parts of your pie are great. I most def feel you on the social/relationships piece of your pie. Like you I LOVE just hanging out, chatting with people. I am such an outgoing and effervescent person but over the course of the last year, I have become quite anti-social. It is definitely the aspect of my life that I really need to improve on. And yes, I always like to meet new people when I go somewhere. I think it's just about the little things...flashing a smile or making convo with someone at the grocery store can instantly spark something.
Oh and ketchup is hands down the greatest condiment! love it on pretty much everything...that plus mustard and hummus are pretty high ranking!
p.s. you can totally come visit and we'll go stuff our faces full of free yogurt!

Anonymous said...

Hi hun,

love the cartoon :)

i definetly relate to what you wrote about the social issues being your biggest obstacle right now! its the same for me..i think i pushed people away for so long and now im left with friendhsips that lack a closeness i need. I think we just need to build relationships back up slowly!

fav condiment...defo kecthup :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! We should meet up sometime. Want to try Wannaburger with me? Or a coffee or a walk around Arthur's Seat? I'm up for anything

Syd said...

I like the questions. I am kind of a loner. I like to be with people but then I like my solitary time too. I would reduce the work part of my life and add more leisure stuff and things that I am really passionate about now.