Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Let's Talk 'Fundamentals'

Today's Estimated Scale Of Awesomeness: 7/10
Today's Actual Scale Of Awesomeness: 2/10

Eh, c'est la vie. I have high hopes for tomorrow- an estimated scale of awesomeness coming in around 8.5.

Okay, scrap the title of this post. I mean FUNDAMENTALS. Better? I think so.

So onto the FUN stuff, cause sometimes I just need to kick back and have a good time. So more of THAT, yes?

I got a GREAT package in the mail today from Aisha over at Bambi's Fat Loss which cheered me up immensely!

  • almond butter (YAY!)
  • 2 packs of muesli (banana chocolate and tropical fruit)
  • lots of awesome looking bars
  • ferreror rocher
  • green tea
  • lip balm
  • hand sanitiser

I am SO excited to try all of these things- especially the almond butter and muesli! Thanks so much Aisha! And thank you to Megan for organising the secret exchange!


MUNCHABLES! (It's been too many days since that word was used).

Last night's dinner was no pot-luck- this was frozen in the packet. I like to at least pretend I am organised sometimes...hehe.

Spinach and ricotta tortellini with tomato basil sauce, and steamed spinach. This is one of my favourite meals, but every single time, half-way through eating I suddenly get very bored. So weird! This doesn't happen with anything else I eat- ketchup and Parmesan came to the rescue.

This morning kicked off at the lovely hour of 4am. Seriously. I blame the fact that we are having a heat wave (a 'Scottish' heat wave which really isn't a 'heat wave' at all), and the fact that I only have fleecy pyjamas and a special duvet that is actually equivalent to 3 duvets in one (talking 'togs' whatever the heck they are).

My breakfast however, was a bowl of sunshine.

Bran flakes, mashed banana and cheesecake Fage cherry twin pot. Love it.

I promised a 'certain someone' (you know who you are!) that I would do a review of one of the few protein bars readily available in the UK.

Also comes in chocolate flavour, but the white chocolate coating and hint of coconut is amazing. (UK guys: £1.50 at Holland and Barrett). Around 200 cals and 15g protein (?), but check this out:

91% of the RDA of calcium! JACKPOT. I have no idea how 'safe' it actually is to consume high levels of vitamins/minerals in one go considering I also take multivitamins/supplements, but am guessing that now and again is fine- and I couldn't afford to eat these more than 'now and again'. They are good though and WAY better than any other 'power bar' products I have tried.

Lunch was the last batch of my tuna/bean/salsa mix and last of my sprouts. I wasn't going to post yet another picture of it since I have this all the time, but I think it's kind of pretty. Plus it includes extra of last week's BSI ingredient and this corn wanted a chance to shine!

Final note: in reference to yesterday's oh-so-creative post title (heh), I will never talk about financial matters on this blog. Unless I have no money to buy yogurt, in which case I might start using said blog to auction off bodily organs.


Cacti Don't Cry said...

ESA ... does this mean you'd be happier if you'd been expecting a 1?!

If you auction off your arms / hands, you won't be able to type. Just a thought!

<3 <3

Anonymous said...

YAY for secret bloggie swaps!! your goodies all look so good :)

Shannon (The Daily Balance) said...

yummy goodies!

Anonymous said...

Look at all those goodies! Those bars look yummy, whatever they are.

Thanks for the product review! I used to eat Power Bars all the time when I was little, because I wanted to be like my dad (he eats them on bike rides) but I haven't had one in so long. The coconut part sounds delicious!

Have a great day, my dear :-)

Samantha said...

Yay! Thanks! I'm going to Holland & Barretts SOON - they look good. (Do you ever drink protein shakes?) x

Anonymous said...

So I'm really thinking that I need to try that yogurt you eat! It looks delicious! Oh, and if you or anyone else out there wants to try some swappin', I'm in! There are so many things I have not tried in the health food world! I need ideas! Make sure you give us some reviews on those deliciosos!

Anonymous said...

The secret bloggie swap was fun, I am still waiting for my package but that just means the anticipation lasts longer :p lucky you though, all that stuff looks great! (sigh...almond butter :p )
I keep waking up super early at the moment too - I think dehydration from the heat wakes me up. I find that a big glass of water and an eye mask gives me a couple of extra hours. I hope you get a bit more sleep tonight!

K from ksgoodeats said...

What a great package!! I used love ferreror rocher! Great review of the bar - it looks yummy!

Bam Bam said...

Hey, it's Aisha, I'm glad you liked everything, I think this blog swap thing was an amazing idea, it means we get goodies.
I hope you liked and will use everything.

The Novice Berker said...

Wow, what a package!! I'm sorry today's awesomeness wasn't up to par. Tomorrow will be better for sure, right? It can't be too hard to beat a 2/10!

Hope you dig into some of those new goodies soon!

Anonymous said...

great package! Thanks for commenting on my blog, can't wait to read yours :)

eatingRD said...

I'm glad you are getting settled into your new place too, moving is exhausting isn't it? Glad you liked the recipe :) I like polenta too, especially because it is pretty cheap. Feel free to adjust/adapt it! I love reading your blog, very fun/interesting to read, and yay for goodies in the mail!

Anonymous said...

Scottish heat wave indeed....its craaaazy!
Oh...Ive tried those muesli packs, I got them in the Polish produce section in Tesco! I had them sprinkled in natural yoghurt & fromage frais = yum!
Gotta say Im not a powerbar fan as I feel they are the most 'putty- like' tasting of all the protein bars Ive had.....& Ive had quite a few ;-) I remember you saying you wanted pure protein bars? Im not sure how much you are willing to pay for them but you can buy them from some sport supplement sites here in the UK. Check out monster supplements or deep blue supplements who both sell in boxes of 6 with discounts for multiple purchases ;-) Deep blue also sell them individually but I think you already know what they taste like so the taste trying probs isnt an issue :-)

Hope tomorrow brings all you hope for!


Jaime said...

hey girl!! wow what a great package! just catchin up now-- ive been a bit MIA this weekend but looks like youve been having some fabulous eats! love the pasta and the parfait :) yumzz!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I love your blog! Great post!

What an awesome blogger package. I've only heard good things about that almond butter. Be sure to let us know how you like it!

HAHA, I am totally with you on the auctioning body organs for yogurt... only for greek yogurt though! ;) Although I would consider perhaps my pinkie for plain yogurt hehe.

Pammy said...

I hope tomorrow has a much better actual scale of awesomeness! Have a great day love!


dietlexy said...

I really wna try those at natural bars! they luk so so so gud! I used to eat yoghurt covered peanuts non stop! mmmm! and dried banana chips! but of course me being me over did it! haha! I take a protein supplement u take an egg cup full size of powder and add it to a drink yoghurt or soup I think it only gave me 18 grams f protein tho?! mmm and it was 112 cals? is dat gud? now Im taking lindenwoods milled organic pumpkin and sunflower seed mix! it tastes amazin! it says its a gud source of protein but I tink da hemp one is better but they didnt have it dat day! I tink Im gna try a new one each week! I luv reading about health benefits even tho at the same time I want to be unhealthily thin if dat makes sense haha! xx

Nutritious is Delicious said...

hahaha! That last part mafe me laugh! ;)

What a great package! Fun fun!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, that pic made me laugh.
and cool goodies! I'm jealous of that AB!!

curlytop said...


What an amazing package! ENJOY.

Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

With Love,


Anonymous said...

I see we were riding along in the same level of awesomeness boat. haha Atleast we can jump ship onto a way bigger better and cooler one! Then the awesomeness level will be out of this world! what now?!
Thank goodness for the package. I LOVE getting things in the mail! I think that's why when I win my first giveaway that I'll probably flip out majorly and my neighbors will hear the little girl squeels! haha

Thinspired said...

I love those Power Bars! Both the chocolate and coconut flavor are so awesome.
I think you'll like that almond butter...it's roasted, which I like so much better than raw!
Such an awesome goodie basket...you desrve it! :)

Anonymous said...

hi hun,
ive always seen those protein bars but was always worried theyd taste too proteiny...do they have that wierd protein after taste to them??
oo cool pacakge :) lotsa nice goodies!
and that spinach and ricotta raveoli looks like the one my mum gets from superquin..did you get it there? it looks really yummy, i must try it!
i hope your day tomoro is a TEN instead of a eight.five :)
much love

Anonymous said...

I'm sad your scale was at a 2. I hope it hits a higher number tomorrow my dear!

All your eats look great but that spinach and ricotta tortellini looks heavenly....ohh... I want some now! I don't think I've seen that flavour power bar before... but it looks like white chocolate which make me want it so much more. There are definately a LOT of numbers of the back there - extra vitamins are always welcome hey!

P.S - You technically can't sell body parts to fund your yogurt purchases... the law doesn't recognise it as property (sorry for being a law nerd - I was doing some reading on this topic today!