Thursday, 4 June 2009

No Red Carpets!

It was really interesting to hear your thoughts and opinions on how the media portrays an image to strive for and the idea of a 'perfect' body.

It kind of got me thinking more about 'fame' and celebrity status on the whole. Aside from being scrutinised for any changes in weight that the media loves to highlight, I can't think of anything worse than having your entire life being put in the spotlight. I have never been famous, and maybe this is more a reflection on how *I* operate, but if I was to become a pop star (not going to happen!), I have this image of the passions that musicians have suddenly becoming something that belongs to everyone else. Record labels, contracts, managers, etc, start calling the shots and before they realise it, their dreams are suddenly everyone else's dreams rather than their own. A constant need to deliver what people WANT rather than where their heart lies. Some artists DO follow their own paths and accept that they will get dropped and their 5 minutes of fame will be over and are okay with that- others aren't able to do that (am guessing that I would fall into that category and change myself because what others think of me would take priority). I can certainly see why so many celebrities do end up turning to drugs/alcohol if that's the case- the pressures of constantly being in the spotlight would be hard enough, but the feeling of compromising who you are inside just to please other people seems a hundred times worse to me. Maybe I am WAY off here, but if I ever did shoot to stardom, I think that's where my downfall would be. Doing whatever it took to be accepted, to chase the dream of being a huge hit and losing sight of the original motive of writing/playing music (acting, dancing...whatever). Unless the dream/goal is fame itself and they like it...heh. Whatever floats your boat!

Would you ever want to be famous? As much as I like dancing around my bedroom pretending my hairbrush is a microphone, I can honestly say that I hope to NEVER step foot on a stage again. I'd love to be 'known' for doing something amazing/special, but I would hate to be in the position of being recognised everywhere I went or having to have every idea/movement approved by somebody else. Freedom over fame anyday!

Okay, enough of my ramblings for today!


Breakfast was my LAST portion of my beloved muesli- nowhere seems to be selling it anymore so I am debating whether or not to order some online (or just switch it up with something else). As much as I love it, I'd rather be eating stuff I can get easily/locally... Do you guys order food online? I get protein bars and wraps because they aren't sold in stores, but muesli is pretty readily available...this one is so good though!

Bran berry muesli with apple and Fage.

I have had zero energy today- I usually find that once I hit the streets, am full of energy and glad I went walking, but half-way through today's walk my body just was NOT cooperating. Hey, at least I tried... I'm not going to 'force' it if my body is clearly saying "NO". There are times to push and times to just accept that it's a 'rest day'.

Snacked on an old favourite...

Maple nut Clif bar- by FAR my favourite bar. I am so burned out on the pumpkin flavour!

Lunch included this:

Sandwich thin with laughing cow cheese, pesto, ham and mushrooms. Pesto is so good on sandwiches! I definitely prefer Quorn over meat, but since the store didn't have it and I consider myself an 'eatanythingatarian' I thought I should try it.

Just throwing my disclaimer in here after a couple emails I have received recently: everything pictured has been eaten, not everything eaten has been pictured.

The weekend is in SIGHT!


Cacti Don't Cry said...

NO WAY would I ever want to be famous!! Sure, I have had the fantasies of being famous just like everyone does, but I wouldn't actually want that in real life. I hate being in the spotlight and drawing attention to myself; why would I voluntarily subject myself to that?! I've wanted to be a writer since I was young, but I'd always thought I'd do it under a pseudonym to avoid the "embarrassment" of having people identify me. :/

I am the queen of ordering food online! ;) Well, not really, but I have bought bars and tofu...

<3 <3

K from ksgoodeats said...

I think I'll pass on being famous! I don't want to deal with the added pressure of paparazzi and all of that drama!

Maple Nut Clif is one of my favorites too :) Nice choice!!

Olga said...

I don't think I'd ever want to be a celebrity either for all those reasons you've listed. I dream of having kids, a house, a dog, you know, just a regular family :) I don't want national fame!

I would buy stuff like muesli online. If you love it, why not?

Anonymous said...

I cannot IMAGINE being famous. The pressure, the criticism and the plain old meanness. People are so cruel to celebrities. That being said, I do think becoming a celebrity you set yourself up for that and you kind of (or should) "know" what you're getting into. It does NOT made the media RIGHT, but by the same token it's kind of a given...Well I love my 'freedom' walking on the streets of nyc looking wack if i need to :)

Anonymous said...

I used to always wanna be famous, but now I have major sympathy for them! I would probably lose and gain weight like crazy if I was famous too/have serious problems! Everyone comments on their every move, and whenever one loses a little weight the media is all over how hard must it be to either NOT keep losing weight, OR to put weight back on...and then get commented on that!

PS-I love kombucha, my mom loves it, and my dad hates it!!! You really just gotta give it a shot! The strawberry flavor is supposed to be the most mild, but people either love it or hate it! The drink just has a taste that is way different than any other soda/juice/etc! It's fermented like beer! haha!

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say NO I wouldn't want to be famous. Ok there are some benefits, but I think the bad out weigh the good. Even if I had a great talent like singing, musical instrument, acting etc I'd use it more in a charitable way, than to be famous. That's just me though I don't like all the attention on me.

Anonymous said...

I was on stage a lot as a teenager and I wouldn't mind doing amateur stuff again, but I would never want to be famous. Rich yes, famous no :p heh. I order food online quite often - my favourite company is - they specialise in allergy friendly and organic food.

Anonymous said...

I definitely feel like fame is overrated. Think of Jon and Kate... they obviously did not think of the long-term effects of being in the spotlight. Now, their marriage is crumbling and their kids are household names without their own choosing. Sure, the fame and money might be fun, but who would want to contstantly live that life?

Ok, your muesli looks AMAZING. How exactly do you make your muesli?


dietlexy said...

I think the Fame thing is soooo amazing! I would love to be famous! I feel like if I was a celebrity people would control me but would make me be amazing! They wouldnt let me go out looking bloated! Id get the best health care and always look made up and stylish! Im excited even tlking about it haha! I suffer from extremely bad IBS and I just know that if I were a celebrity I wouldnt have it! It would just not be possible! Theres no room for ugliness or digestive disorders in a celebrity life! xx
how many grams are you supposed to have a day? I eat a tin of kidney beans a day would that be enough? also an alpro soya organic yoghurt and milled organic sunflower and pumpkin seeds?
I agree quorn is way nicer than meat! Unfortunalty Im off the laughing cow cheese for the time being! xx

Anonymous said...

That sandwich looks great!!!

I would never like to be famous. First, I just get terrible stage fright. Second, I like my privacy.
I sometimes think, what's more important, money or privacy. But, I think that being able to live my life the way I please is more important.
Also, I just wouldn't be able to handle the critcism.
Sorry for lack of comments recently, I hope all is well.

elise said...

ooo i need to try that flavor clif

oh and no thanks on the fame. ill keep to myself thanks!

curlytop said...

Hey darlin!

I've really been debating about ordering some PB2 online... it's just soooo tempting. Fat free natural pb? I mean, come on!

Famous schamous! Who would want all of the negative attention and constant scrutiny. I get enough of that from my mother. ;P

Have a great night and thanks for your comments btw-they always make me smile!

With Love,


PS- I'm actually moving to Rhode Island in September and I'll only be about 1.5 hours from NYC.

Nutritious is Delicious said...

I think negative on wanting to be famous. Toooooo much drama for this girl!

I have never had that flavor of clif bar! YUM!

Anonymous said...

I would pick FREEDOM any day, too! I don't care about being famous. well, I've had dreams...but ultimately, being famous is SUCH a pain. I'm already INfamous in my area as the sick no more attention my way, please!
another great topic to think about, ellie!

nicoleishappy said...

im happy i updated too i love blogging now! lol. nd with your fame topic. I actually really wanted to be a model...i have an agent. I still want to model bc i love the rush but i do NOT love the body image making girls feel bad about not being a hanger. so that whole part of being famous + paparize i would not want. I just like the rush i get when i walk or pose for pics.haha lame i know.

and by the way your giveaway bag you got looks amazing yum yum yumm!!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, no, I would HATE to be famous. Going to crowded places annoys me as it is. Going to crowded places as a celebrity would be...impossible. Or the worst experience of my life, lol. And I would hate to feel like everything I did was to please others and that all my actions were controlled by the press/fans/agents/etc.

Anonymous said...

mmmm Maple Nut! That's my girl! :)

Totally agree with you on the chaos that would come along with fame. I love my privacy and can't imagine all the ridicule and constant magnification of every little darn thing you do. Too much in my opinion.

And yess I am actually considering ordering some stuff online because I REALLY want it and I haven't been able to find a few things anywhere! guess in that situation, you just have to cave and order ;)

The Novice Berker said...

I'm sure celebs get tons of perks, but I don't think I'm thick-skinned enough to take criticisms from every person on the planet. And when you're famous, you sort of have to accept that as part of the deal. No thanks!

I LOVE PESTO ON SANDWICHES. SO MUCH. And I normally detest mayo (I mean seriously, truly HATE the stuff), but if you mix a little pesto with a little mayo, it is MAGIC, I tell you. :)

Anonymous said...

hi hun

thats my favs clif bar too :) its so good!

no way, id never want to be famous because of the spotlight thing and being scrutinised all the would just be too much for happy having a life without that :)

i definetly order food online..only bars though...i always try to get my hands on as many luna or clif bars as i can haha

have a nice afternoon girlie