Friday, 17 April 2009

Seemingly Meaningless Meaning

Thanks for your feedback on yesterday's post. I am well aware of the fact that I need something TO focus on other than food/weight- it's looking likely that I'll be starting volunteer work next week and I am pretty excited about that.

I think part of why I find it hard to relax and take pleasure from distractions is that it all seems rather pointless. It's hard for me to enjoy things just for the sake of enjoyment itself- I want things to have meaning and purpose, something BEYOND just having a good time. I feel like if it's not taking me further towards bigger goals in life, then there isn't a point to it. I guess that's another place mindfulness can come in- enjoying each moment as it is without constantly thinking of where it is leading. Reading a book because I like the story, listening to music because I enjoy singing along. Not EVERYTHING has to be a major investment in the future (in terms of job, etc)- sometimes an investment in the future is just making each passing moment that bit more pleasant.

Now, onto food since I am at the library :)

Like I mentioned before, I am making an effort to branch out from my usual meals. Starting with breakfast...

A change from pumpkin oats/granola: blueberry and almond muesli

In the mix:

  • oats
  • plain fromage frais
  • vanilla extract
  • frozen blueberries
  • almonds

Left so soak overnight, then mixed together the next morning...

This WILL be repeated!

A new twist on mini clif bars- I suddenly realised that these expire in May, so am trying to use them up. As creatively as possible of course!

Spread w/ 1/2 tbsp white chocolate wonder peanut butter. Aaaah...heavenly.

And I DID make my pasta- I swear this isn't a recycled pic!

Spinach and ricotta tortellini with tomato basil sauce and steamed tenderstem broccoli

I am having fun branching out and trying new things- more to come: watch this space!


Lexi said...

I am so proud of you for making your pasta!!!!!!!! It looks so good, sweetie :) Can't wait to see what other new things you try! Keep goin strong!

P.S. I Loveeee frozen blueberries, even more than fresh ones actually.

Have a lovely day!

Cacti Don't Cry said...

Good job "branching out"! :)

I hate to say it, but I think the expiration date on shelf-stable things is more of a suggestion than anything else! ;) I only say this because I actually had a couple of bars once that were about a year expired and they were just fine. I'm a risk taker. :p

I like frozen blueberries better than fresh too... go figure...

Syd said...

Good for you. I probably branch out in too many ways but stay busy doing things that I like. I think that's the key--doing things that interest me.

Taylor said...

Hi! I just came across your blog!! Your oatmeal looks so delish! I hope you have a great Friday! I look forward to reading your blog and seeing the new things you create! :)

Sheena said...

Yay! Your food looks awesome and I am so proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zones to mix up your meals! I bet it tasted so good to have that change.

Keep up the awesome work! Take Care!

Sarah said...

Ooooh, Ellie that breakfast looks incredible!! Way to branch out-I'm glad it was tasty as well as a challenge!

I know exactly what you mean about holding back from doing things that aren't "meaningful". I always feel like I should be figuring out what I want to do with my life, how I can give back, rather than being fully in the moment. While it is important to soul search, it is equally important to enjoy the smaller, daily happenings as well-it doesn't get much better than a hot mug of coffee in the morning and the sun coming up over the water, or your cat purring on your lap, or a good book (even if it isn't the next Pulitzer). I hope you are able to find some ways to stay busy, because that is important, but in ways that are meaningful to you for big AND small reasons (not quite sure that makes sense, sorry...). I'm trying to remind myself that the "bigger" ways to occupy my time, like work, volunteering, therapy, applying to grad schools, etc. are all valuable, but so too are the "smaller" ones like doing the crossword puzzle, going for a walk, and playing the piano. Finding a balance that works for you and makes you feel comfortable is what's most important! So sorry for this ramble...hope you have a wonderful Friday!!

Pammy said...

I am so proud of you for branching out with your meals. Stay strong love!!!

Anonymous said...

Spreading peanut butter on bars is such a good idea!!! I'm sure that tasted delicious! And ohhh that pasta look professional girl!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay Ellie! I am so glad that you were able to branch out with food. If I can't make it up to NYC, maybe you could take a trip down here?

Lauryn said...

i LOVE your branching out and trying new things because everything looks so freaking good!!! keep on going, i'll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

have a great night, ellie!

Stef said...

Yum all of your meals look really tasty! Those are great pics =) I'm so glad you're starting volunteer work soon, I hope you love it! I share your perspective on enjoying things just for the sake of enjoying them..I've trained myself over the years that everything MUST have some grand purpose in my life plan, otherwise it's a waste of time! We've got to learn to shift that mindset...the little things are what life is all about!