Thursday, 30 April 2009


I have been tagged by both Sheena and Katie to do the list of 25 random facts making it's way around blogosphere. I feel like I have blurted out a lot of random weirdness in my posts lately so I'll try to keep to things I haven't yet revealed.

  1. I worked very briefly at Starbucks in New York and one day was holding a tray of cupcakes- they literally JUMPED out of my hands and cakes went flying all over the store.
  2. I can't walk in high heels and I never wear make-up (then I wonder why people ask me for ID)
  3. Every summer I buy a bunch of cheap tank tops and paint them with my own slogans. And am continuously amazed by how many comments I get about them!
  4. I have never made a boiled egg- I don't think I would even know how. I don't eat eggs much so I can live with this.
  5. I have 2 brothers and 2 half-brothers. When I was little, I thought I was really smart to figure out that if two half's made a whole, I really had 3 brothers!
  6. I am obsessed with "Scrubs" and have a whole bunch of clips downloaded as MP3's onto my iPod. I can fit a Dr Cox quote into almost every conversation.
  7. I am also obsessed with soundtracks from musicals- when I was really young, I was obsessed with 'Annie'. I must have seen it over a hundred times!
  8. Aside from my obsession with musicals, I very rarely watch movies. I have never seen Jurrasic Park or Dirty Dancing, and don't know the names of any actors/actresses. They could be sitting next to me in a restaurant and I would never recognise them, let alone know their names and what movies they have been in.
  9. I have a tattoo of a rose on my stomach that I got when I was 15.
  10. The month before my mom got remarried when I was 16, I had my hair dyed black with bright red streaks and got my eyebrow, lip and nose pierced.
  11. I took swimming lessons for 8 years and still can't swim more than about 3 feet.
  12. My dream job would be eith at an advertising agency or owning my own t-shirt designing business.
  13. I feel more at home in New York than anywhere else I have lived: I love the buzz, the atmosphere, the frenzy, but most of all, I love who I become when I am there.
  14. I panic every time I get an email or my phone rings in case I am in "trouble" for something!
  15. I can't remember the last time I slept past 6:30am. I am usually awake LONG before then (and go to bed around 9:30!)
  16. I haven't taken a ballet class when I was 3- as soon as I mention dancing, people seem to think I mean ballet. The classes I have taken since I "officially" began dancing have been hip-hop, street and breakdancing.
  17. I hate citrus fruits and anything citrus flavoured.
  18. I worry a lot about what people think of me- I have this notion that everyone is watching me and judging me and am petrified to make contact with a lot of my family because I am so scared of disappointing them.
  19. I have never had a cavity/filling.
  20. I have a phobia of bees and wasps. This means I do not open windows in my apartment. Ever. It also means that my bathroom is now the "smoking room" (it has an extractor fan). Plus side of this is my apartment doesn't smell of smoke. Word of advice: you may want to pee before you come over. It's a little smoky in there...
  21. I could eat deli-made chicken salad wraps for lunch every day and never get tired of them.
  22. I am secretly obsessed with other people's careers. I could listen to people talk all day about their jobs... I don't know why it interests me so much, but I am beyond intrigued. Part of why I love reading blogs is because I am so fascinated by how other people spend their time- what they do, what they think about, what they eat. Not in an eating disordered way, I am just so curious about how other people experience the world around them.
  23. I had my wisdom teeth taken out when I was 20 and ever since then, have been unable to eat crunchy foods. It's like I have 'phantom teeth' and when I try to bite into stuff, it hurts a LOT where the teeth used to be. You'd think I would be used to it by now (6 years!) but I avoid any hard/crunchy foods.
  24. I have a pretty dry sense of humour- people often look at me funnily and can't figure out if I am being serious or joking. Chances are, if I am talking, I am joking. I find it VERY difficult to have serious conversations- the urge to crack a joke/lighten things up is just too tempting.
  25. I have never eaten a blondie, guacamole, a burrito (aside from Amy's!) or a hot fudge sundae though am 110% sure I would love them all. Aside from guacamole, none of these are easy to find in the UK but are on my list of things I want to do when I am next in NY!

So now you have lots of unnecessary useful information about me (no black-mailing, thanks!) Any questions, ask away!

Onto the good stuff...

I fueled up for day 2 of work with one of my favourite (and blog-inspired!) breakfasts.

Banana pumpkin oats (oats, milk, vanilla, pinch of salt, mashed banana and pumpkin) topped with peanut butter. Pumpkin (and peanut butter for that matter) are so under-appreciated in the UK. I never understand why- both are just hands-down amazingly delicious and nutritious.

Work was pretty good- definitely less exhausting than yesterday now that I know what to expect. The office was much quieter today since half the staff were on an "away day" (quite what that entails, I do not know!) so I had more of a chance to get to know the few people that were there...and had less people to ask for help when I couldn't figure out what to do :P

Lunch was a repeat of yesterday- why fix what ain't broke, right?

Quorn "ham" (which I am pretty sure IS Kosher when manufactured in the UK. Quite a few of the quorn products are- check your 'Kosher Food Guide' if it's a concern for you!) with laughing cow love cheese, spinach and tomato chutney.

New snack:
I didn't really like this flavour much. So far have tried this one, coconut cream pie and PB cookie. The peanut butter is amazing, but I haven't liked the other two much. This is one of the flavours that IS readily available in the UK though so I might try it again at some point.

Hope everyone's week is tying up nicely so you can relax and enjoy the weekend- what have you got planned?


emilydh211 said...

I have never eaten guacamole either. I think its the color or the texture...not sure, but I dont think I would like it.

I CAN NOT walk in high heels either. I must have been absent the day they taught this skill to all the other girls, because it is a mystery to me.

Love the 25 things girl, hope your weekend is going great.

itsawrapteacher said...

You should sell your homemade tank tops/t-shirts! I love handmade stuff and would totally get one :)

Sheena said...

I love this list. I can't believe you have never had a hot fudge sundae though. That amazes me. You definately need a hot fudge sundae and quacamole ASAP (but not together).

And I never had a cavity/filling until i was 19 -- I swear this dentist was evil and just drilled for any little thing. And he did my fillings all wrong so I had to get them all replaced in the past year.

I love your idea of homemade tanks. What paint do you use on them that keeps it from getting ruined in teh wash?

Take Care sweet hear! It was great learning more about you!

Cacti Don't Cry said...

An "away day" brings to mind images of Bedlam. ;p

I feel you on the dry sense of humor thing... nobody here appreciates sarcasm, so I have to shut up a lot! ("Sarcasm is the weapon of the coward." Yeah yeah.)

I rarely wear them, but I have SO many pairs of heels and I love each and every one of them!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I can't wear heels either, and I never wear make up! I might be tempted by make up if I was any good at applying it, but every time I've tried in the past I look like a five year old who has gotten into her mum's make up :P

I have never eaten a blondie either but I found a recipe for them the other day, so they are on my baking experiment list!

Anonymous said...

hi hun

loved reading more about you :) im always in bed by 10.30 and up by 7,so we have similar sleeping habits haha :)

i wanna try a blondie too :), but ive never seen them over here either.

Tomoro me and my mum and sis are going shopping and then i have therapy on sunday!

have a great night,
much love

Anonymous said...

Ever since I got my wisdom teeth out, several years ago now, if I eat something really crunchy (like a big bowl of 'sharp' cereal), the gums where the teeth were get all scraped up. Annoying!

Also, I'm almost positive you can get pre-made guacamole at Tesco or Sainsbury's.

Anonymous said...

I love putting spinach on my sammies!

You HAVE to try guacamole - I was like you, until I had it (within the last 5 years) and LOVE it!

I have an office softball game tonight, but other than that, nothing planned - which I love!

Anonymous said...

You have got to try guacamole!! I'm sure the uk has avocados? Throw some garlic and tomatoes into a bowl w/ avo and you'll have yourself some guac!! :)

Those pumpkin oats and sandwich sound delicious by the way!! I have yet to try pumpkin oats (because I don't have canned pumpkin), but I want to try them asap!

Stef said...

I don't like pecan pie laras either! But I LOVE guacamole! I want to see some pics of your tanks! I LOVE Scrubs, I really hope they decide to extend the series after this season, I heard it's a possibility!

Anonymous said...

you've never made boiled eggs before! holy cow! hahaha, I can't walk in high heels, either! I'm a clumsy oaf! and yup, I'd never get tired of the chicken salad wraps, either!

Thinspired said...

Oh this was so much fun to read!
I love Annie, too...and the celeb thing is awesome. You don't see that too much anymore with our celeb-crazed culture (I am a part of it!).
Isn't it funny how we can feel at home in different places, even if we weren't raised there? I feel at home in places all over the world. It's an odd sensation!
I am exactly the same with loving hearing about people's jobs and specialties. There's nothing I love more than to ask questions to someone who is an expert in their field!
My hubby had never had a burrito either, until he came to the US! It's crazy! Of course, I had never had Indian food before I came to Britain. Hehe.
Ok, sorry for hijacking your blog with random comments about myself ;)