Saturday, 30 May 2009

Girl About Town

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on yesterday's post. I'm glad to hear that we all share similar ideas on this- that we have the right to share our thoughts/feelings and it's not our responsibility how somebody else decides to use that information. Our blogs are personal and reflect our own goals which AREN'T necessarily the same as somebody else's- I don't think anyone should ever feel like they have to censor what they say or 'baby' their readers... If we aren't honest or can't say what we think, then what's the point in a blog? Something my dad once told me which I think is applicable when it comes to advice/ideas from other people, "take what you can and discard the rest". Find what works for you and run with it!

"Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind"


Today it feels like SUMMER! Glorious sunshine- I wanted to make the most of it today because this is Scotland and you never know how long good weather will last! Sunshine therapy, vitamin D...what more could I ask for?

I slept until almost 6am- SCORE! Leapt out of bed and had breakfast before packing my bag and heading out to roam the city...

Oats/fromage frais/vanilla mix with blueberries, almonds and apricot jam.

This is on one side of the main road I walk along every day to get into town- so much prettier in the sun!

The other end of the street, just before hitting the town centre.

I have lived in Edinburgh on and off since I was 1 and still think it's so cool to have a castle bang in the middle of the city.

Oooh...what's this?

FARMERS MARKET! Double score!

There wasn't much there aside from meat/cheese/wine, but they did have a porridge/oatmeal stall! Check out the menu:

Toppings include whisky with honey (!), white chocolate with hazelnuts and a pear/sultana/almond mix. I started talking to the guy after asking for permission to take a photo (and assuring him I didn't work for an oatmeal company...ha) and couldn't help but laugh when he asked if I had ever heard of/tried oatmeal with 'toppings'. I mentioned the pumpkin/PB combination but resisted the urge to go into elaborate details of cookie dough or spinach/cauliflower oats with so many people time!

I made lunch when I got home- another humus wrap using lots of your ideas...
  • paprika (Olga)
  • mushrooms (K)
  • sprouts (Cacti)
  • spinach

Good teamwork guys! Words cannot even describe how good this was- messy, but delicious. Aaaaaand...that's a wrap (cheesy jokes never get old!)

Hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start! What's your favourite way to spend a sunny weekend?


Pammy said...

I love that quote! And what a beautiful view!

K from ksgoodeats said...

I love the teamwork wrap!! That sounds AWESOME! I never would have thought of putting paprika in a hummus wrap.

Gorgeous views!! Thanks for posting those pictures :)

Have a great Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Your wraps always look absolutely delicious. I wish I could be like the little brat in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, pixelize myself, grab the wrap, depixelize myself, and eat it.

Anonymous said...

Your breakky oats look delicious girl - the fromage frais must make it so creamy hey? How much do you use? I want to recreate!

I agree with what you say about blogs reflecting the personality and challenges YOU face, not someone else. You can't compare yourself and you can't write it as though you don't have certain problems/concerns/goals etc. If people don't want to hear about YOU they wont read it. I love reading about different people with different problems, successes and goals. Embrace it!

I love the beautiful pictures :-)

Anonymous said...

By the way, I'm going through Europe (Poland, France, England and Ireland) and then the US (California, New York). So excited!

My Sister's Keeper has Cameron Diaz starring in it... should be interesting!

nicoleishappy said...

i love love love farmers markets, everyone is so happy to share there goods. and thats funny about the oatmeal question, he probably would be as surprised as when you saw whisky on oatmeal.haha and on summerry days i like going to the beach and chill.

Gina said...

Great looking pita sandwich! The hummus just oozes out of it, yum. On sunny days I like to sit outside and read a good book, it's relaxing and it takes my mind off of life for a while (especially when the book is reallllly good)!

Anonymous said...

I lurve your wrap. I've always noticed the weather in Scotland is always colder than where I'm from. I can imagine it gets quite cold in Winter. Do you get lots of snow there?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful city! Breakfast looks delicious! I'll have to read more of your blog!

Anonymous said...

Oooh gorgeous wrap!! Looks so gooey and delicious! And that view.. is amazing!!

Nutritious is Delicious said...

What an awesome city!!

I absolutely love that quote! It was on one of our National Honor's Society T-Shirts in High School....sooooo true!

Dont forget to enter my giveaway!! :D

Nutritious is Delicious said...

Oop! sorry girlie! I forgot about the US Residents only contingency! I wish I could do a worldwide giveaway sometime!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :D

Anonymous said...

a castle bang in the middle of your city? oatmeal stall in your farmer's market? where do you live? heaven? dang, girl, can I live with you?! lol!
and lol at the man asking you if you ever heard of oatmeal toppings! you should teach him a thing or two, give him some of your amazing creative ideas!

Cacti Don't Cry said...

"Teamwork wrap" ... hahaha I love it!! ;)

Sunshine? ... Green? ... What IS this?! I must say, you get more interesting views than I do taking a walk. Which is what I like to do in gorgeous weather... the gorgeous weather we so seldom GET!

<3 <3

The Novice Berker said...

I love how the apricot jam looks all translucent and golden on top of your breakfast! So pretty. :) The menu's oatmeal toppings sound SO GOOD.

Anonymous said...

hi lovebug! So happy that you were gifted with a little sunny weather! And how fun is that farmers market...I esp love that the guy asked you if you had ever tried oats with toppings! haha he's apparently an amateur.

p.s. thank you SO much for the comments on my post. I really appreciate everything you had to say. So insightful and so true! You're amazing and i love you!

Gina said...

You know, that's a great point about the hummus and how it shouldn't be considered a protein. I think if it's homemade it would be more likely to have the proper amount of protein, but store bought hummus has so many other added ingredients...I wouldn't really consider hummus a protein, but chick peas, yes. :)