Monday, 2 March 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Thank you so much for the well-wishes for my move! This is my first post from my new home... I am in the midst of unpacking, but after the initial stresses of getting the boiler working, electricity turned on, etc, my anxiety started to ease. As soon as I was set up with my laptop and coffee I felt much happier.

What makes you all feel you are "home"?

For me, having moved around so much over the last few years, there are a few things which really make me feel at ease with wherever I am. First and foremost, my coffee- made MY way, in MY mug. Second of all, my laptop. I take so much comfort in visiting the websites/blogs I love- I'm not sure what it is, and maybe it IS due to moving so much and having so much upheaval in "real life" but there is something very soothing about being in familiar places and I guess I get that from my computer at times (also dance studios- they are all basically the same set up/floors/mirrors so whenever I am travelling and feel unsettled/homesick, a dance studio provides that comfort factor). Lastly, my big baggy cosy sweatshirt. I actually have about 3 that I can throw on when I walk in the door, snuggle into and automatically feel my body relax, my mind refocus and I feel "together" again.

Another thing I want to share: it is almost 6pm and I haven't written in my food log yet!!! I have had most of my meals, prepared dinner and haven't even really kept a tally on my eating today because I've been so busy running up and down the stairs unloading the car, dashing around the neighbourhood picking up random groceries, etc. I am exhausted, but so incredibly happy right now. I've only been here a few hours so far and already it feels more like home than anywhere else I have stayed over the course of the last few years.

Of course, I unpacked the essentials first...

And my intuition was on top form today!

And of course I had to test out my can opener and microwave! Pumpkin banana peanut butter oats- I've missed this! In the mix:
  • oats
  • milk
  • vanilla
  • cinnamon
  • banana

Topped with PB & Co. smooth operator peanut butter!

I also put a couple things up on my bedroom wall...

Hope everyone else's week is getting off to a smooth (operator!) start!


Pammy said...

Congrats on not writing in your food log yet. Thats a huge step and you should give yourself a giant pat on the back for it. Im glad you like your new place :)

much love

Danielle said...

Hope your having a great time in your new home!!! I wish you lots of luck!

Anonymous said...

You are strong like your card says. I am glad that you were able to work out the electricity.
It is great to hear that you are so happy--it is a new beginning and there is no doubt in my mind that you will do great!

Anonymous said...

*gasp* love the cliff bar!! yumm
have fun being home!

Nutritious is Delicious said...

Enjoy your home!

Yummy food choices!

Miss Kolleen said...

your posts are very inspiring. i should hang up some cards of my own.

Elle said...

My laptop is definitely a must have for me to feel at home...also, one of the first things I do when I move is make up my bed. I don't care how much junk I have left to unpack; if I can curl up under my down comforter and snuggle down in my nest of pillows, I feel at home.

I'm glad you like your new place - and I hope you'll post some pics once you get everything situated!

Thinspired said...

Welcome home! :) For me, I feel at home when I get food in the house! And picture frames, and the computer (like you). Those three things help me to feel at home :)

Thinspired said...

P.S. Thanks for getting back to me on the pitas--I'm bookmarking that site!

Suse said...

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying your journal! It's opening up a whole new side[s] to you, and that's just really lovely and interesting =)

By the way, that quote you have on your wall, I read it all "picture yourself pissing all that away" hahaha! I thought "That's a bit odd,can't be right!" and got it the second time lol.

Suse xxx