Saturday, 21 February 2009

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Presenting, my place mat:

Guys! I finally joined the 21st Century and got a camera! I have only ever had a disposable one, so this is exciting for me! A new hobby, perhaps? I am still figuring it all out (I have impressed myself by managing this one photo- taken AND uploaded!) and am looking forward to getting to grips with this over the next while...more pictures to come (and don't ya love the mat? :P )


Sarah said...

Yay!! Looking forward to lots of fabulous pictures!

Thinspired said...

Yay for a new camera!
I can't believe your Waitrose discontinued that Eat Honestly cottage cheese. I really hope it's not a store-wide thing! And good to know they sell PB & Co! I've had to get mine from Whole Foods in London until now!
Can't wait to see some pictures!