Thursday, 26 February 2009

Keeping It In Perspective

I'm glad that you guys also found it helpful to think about all the amazing things our bodies are doing that we don't necessarily see or feel. Of course, a properly fueled car doesn't run and neither does a malnourished body- but really, our bodies don't care as much as our minds might lead us to believe whether we pick a meal one day that is ever-so-slightly more/less or one thing or another than our norm. I definitely preach that all foods are absolutely 'A-okay' in moderation, I just sometimes need to remind myself that this applies to me too! A slightly lower protein snack one day, or a slightly higher fat breakfast another day? It's all good. Our bodies benefit greatly from having a wide variety of foods and I am thinking that it's most definitely a GOOD thing to be branching out and broadening my horizon's a bit.

So in what form did that take today? I have pictures! PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT an all-inclusive list of my entire day's eats...just some of the things I ate whilst trying to listen to what I "wanted" more than selecting foods based on their nutritional profile!

A "breakfast cookie" a la ellie! Chopped and microwaved apple mixed with Branberry Muesli and Fage, and left to set in the fridge.

I'd planned to have an Amy's burrito for lunch, but last-minute executive decision resulted in a veggie burger (and yes, the bagel was as stale as it looks- am out of my usual bread and still attempting to use up food before I move on Monday!)

And as for how "plan not to plan" went, today's pick was...

As Veggiegirl would say, HOLY YUM! I love these bars- this is my favourite flavour, chocolate deluxe being a close second. I noticed a few other bloggers ate this yesterday too- great minds, people!

For those who asked about the baked oatmeal yesterday, Kath bakes hers in a round pan as far as I know, but I use a square one since our round ones aren't deep enough!


dancelikenooneiswatching said...

so glad your listening to your body and honouring what it wants! this is a great step forward.

VeggieGirl said...

Haha, holy yum indeed!! Glad you're enjoying yourself :-)

Thinspired said...

Thanks for the oatmeal clarification ;) I want to try those protein bars, too!
I would definitely recommend the Trek bars, especially the Peanut & Oat flavor (haven't tried any others yet!) when you run out of the ones from the US.