Sunday, 22 February 2009

What's That Silence?

Sundays are generally my least favourite day of the week. They just feel kind of "nothing-y"- stores open later, the roads are quiet, the whole city seems to exist in some kind of surreal suspension of time.

It's usually a day when I am franticcaly trying to get things organised for the coming week, stressed about an "empty" day ahead of me, panicking about the disruption to my usual routine with more people around the house, less of my usual distractions.

Today has been strange. I don't know what's happening this week- I might find out tomorrow if I am moving this week, and until I know what/when, I can't really plan. Today's meals were pretty much identical to yesterday (leftovers!) so I didn't have to think about that side of things. The usual bickering in my head has been strangely quiet. Normally when there is some kind of "hush", it feels kind of calm-before-storm-type-thing. Today has been peaceful. Truly living in the moment. I don't know what is happening this week, and a Sunday is a day when I can't do anything about it. I can't chase up people who work Mon - Fri, I can't check the post, I can't expect responses to emails. I just have to "be".

It's been really WEIRD. In a nice way, but weird nonetheless. I had my shower at 1pm instead of 2pm because I felt like it. I did my laundry today instead of tomorrow because I felt like it. I went for a walk and switched up my route because I felt like it. There were no earth-shattering revelations, no "AHA" moments, no huge epiphanies or walls smashed down. It was simply a day of tuning into what I *felt* like doing, rather than what I felt compelled to do.

I'm ready for a new week. I NEEDED a day of just "being"- accepting that I can't do anything about the upcoming week right here, right now, and just for today, I am okay with that.


Pammy said...

You seem to have a good attitude about being in the present moment. I generally feel the same way about Sundays. They are such a slow day in our fast-paced world.

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

Your comment on my post today seriously moved me to tears - you are such a sweetheart and i am so grateful for your love and support. Please, if you ever need anything - anyone to talk to... a little encouragement.. don't hesitate to email me. You are an angel, love.

I'm glad you are enjoying the nothingness of sunday - they are my favorite day of the week :)

Talk to you soon! xo ~ Jenny

Anonymous said...

i hate sundays too, but good for you for doing what you want when you wanted :)

elise said...

i know what you mean...i get anxious just thinking of the coming week. Even as early as UPON WAKING...ugh. breathe in, breathe out, repeat. each moment will get its chance, so for the present, just focus on the here and now.

ps any extra sugar cookie sleigh ride teabags will be welcomed with open arms (errr...mouth)

Elle said...

I know what you mean about "the calm before the storm." For some reason whenever I have nothing pressing to accomplish, my mind races to the next "big" future event and starts obsessing about what I need to do to prepare for that. It would really be awesome if that little voice had a mute button - but it seems like today you wouldn't have needed one :)

I really like the idea of trying to live more in the present. It seems like we're constantly striving for what will be instead of enjoying what already is.

Hope your week begins well.